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I believe that my gift is inspired teaching.

I am inspired to teach and I inspire others when I teach. I inspire people to go into the kitchen and take back their health by preparing nutrient-dense, traditional food.

I synthesize information and illuminate patterns for my students. I teach the why and the how of cooking traditional food. I teach techniques.  Once you attend a class, my hope is that you walk away confident, eager to go into the kitchen and apply what you have learned. I’ve been told that my cooking classes are lively, fun, chock full of good information and good food.

I have been teaching for almost six years and teaching continues to be my passion. I call what I teach Cooking for Well-Being classes. I teach beginners, those that are new to cooking real food, as well as old-timers, those who have been cooking traditional food for years. My intention is for everyone to learn something new; for students to be happy that they attended! Classes are taught locally in a private home in Colorado or in the DC metro area when I travel there. I also offer Cooking for Well-Being conferences which consist of an entire weekend of classes, and I am often the featured teacher at the annual conference of the Weston A. Price Foundation, Wise Traditions.

Please see my current schedule of classes. If you are interested in hosting a class or series of classes in your home, or hosting me in your town, contact me.

The following are some of the classes that I have taught over the past six years. They are all original classes; I designed and developed them myself. I am currently developing a Teacher Certification Training program for those who would like to teach Cooking for Well-Being classes. If there is a class topic you would like to host that is not listed here, contact me.

Please be sure to read my terms and conditions related to classes.

Well-Being Basics Classes

  1. Culturing Dairy and Making Whey

  2. The Technique of Lacto-fermentation: Vegetables, Fruits and Beverages

  3. Making Nutrient-Dense Stock: Beef and Chicken

  4. Soaking and Preparing Beans

  5. Soaking and Preparing Whole Grains

  6. Making Enzyme-Rich Sauces

  7. Making Salad Dressings and Marinades

  8. Preparing Deep Green Leafy Vegetables

  9. Liver and Liver Pate


Additional Cooking for Well-Being Classes

  1. What is Real Food? Why does it Matter? Healthy Fats, Proteins, and Dairy

  2. Making Butter, Whey and Cheese

  3. Cultured Beverages … Drink your Probiotics and Enzymes!

  4. Real Condiments: Eat Your Probiotics! Fermented Pickles, Chutneys, Salsa, Ketchup

  5. Super TONICS: Kombucha, Beet Kvass and Liver and Adrenal supports

  6. “Not-so-Sweet” Treats!


GAPSTM (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) Classes:

  1. Introduction to GAPSTM   Cooking

  2. The Differences between NT (Nourishing Traditions) and GAPSTM (Gut and Psychology Syndrome)

  3. Making Stock GAPTM Style

  4. Fermentation GAPSTM Style

  5. Culturing Dairy GAPSTM Style

  6. Basic Breads and Muffins: Baking GAPSTM Style

  7. GAPSTM Snacks

Nourishing Healthy Children: Real Food for Super Kids!

  1. What Children Need to Thrive:  Healthy Fats, Protein, Ferments and Carbs

  2. The Dairy Dilemma: Choosing Digestible Dairy

  3. One of Nature’s Best Remedies: Making a Stock that is Nutrient-Dense 

  4. Digestible and Delicious: Soaking and Sprouting Beans and Whole Grains

  5. A Week of Healthy Breakfasts

  6. Healthy Snacks—all prior classes required

Small changes, BIG IMPACT! Real food to balance kids with AD/HD and on the Autistic Spectrum …

  1. The Foundation Class: Why GF/CF May Not be Enough

  2. Nourish Your Brain Food

  3. Drink to a Healthy Gut: Fermented Beverages

  4. Eat Your Probiotics: Lacto-fermented Vegetables and Fruits

  5. Gelatinous Stock for a Healthy Gut


Gluten-Free series (featuring coconut flour, nut flours and GF grains)

  1. Super GF Whole Grains: Amaranth, Millet, Quinoa and Buckwheat

  2. Super GLUTEN-FREE Breakfasts!

  3. Super GLUTEN-FREE Snacks

Additional Classes

  1. Cooking with the Seasons

  2. Spring De-Tox

  3. Autumn De-Tox

  4. Easy, Hearty Soups (winter, spring, summer, fall…)

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