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Love traditional food? Love to teach? Me, too!

I have been teaching all sorts of people of all ages and from all walks of life how to cook nourishing, traditional food since 2006. The desire for Cooking for Well-Being classes continues to grow across the country and the world. We need more teachers, so …

I am happy to announce the Cooking for Well-Being Teacher Training Program. My desire is to create a cadre of teachers throughout the country and the world who are trained in teaching the principles and techniques of cooking nourishing, traditional food according to the principles of Weston A. Price, Francis D. Pottenger and Mary Enig. These teachers will be trained deliver a well-organized and informative class with fun, ease and good humor.

There are three levels to the training:

Traditional Foods Cook

Traditional Foods Teacher

Master Traditional Foods Instructor

Level I is for beginners and those who would really like to have a strong foundation in traditional cooking methods. Level I will provide the foundation of knowledge in both technique and background - the how and the why of cooking traditional foods. It is a four day intensive program, and is offered in Colorado and around the country. For current Level I training dates, see the calendar. Interested? Read this Level I letter to prospective students. Please note that a student must pass Level I training to register for Level II training.

Level II will train students on the principles and logistics of teaching traditional foods classes. It is a four day intensive program, offered in Colorado and throughout the country. For current Level II training dates, see the calendar. Read this Level II letter to prospective students.

Level I/II is for those who are familiar with traditional foods cooking and who have been implementing those techniques for a while, I offer a Level I/II Intensive weekend. These five day weekends are designed to review and reinforce the hows and whys of traditional foods cooking and provide students with the tools to teach classes. Students must pre-qualify for the Level I/II Intensive Program. For a current schedule of Level I/II training, see the calendar. Read this Level I/II letter to prospective students.

Level III is by invitation of the instructor. It is meant to train Traditional Foods Teachers to become a Master Teacher, one who delivers Level II training, teaching Cooks to Teach. Students must have successfully completed Levels I and II of the Cooking for Well-Being Teacher Training program, and exhibited mastery and confidence in the material and teaching over a period of years. This level is not anticipated to be offered until 2015.  

For more information, contact Monica

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